The IRS Audit Process

December 5, 2016by TFPTAXCENTER

If the Internal Revenue Service decides to audit you, they’ll appraise you by letter or phone. The agency can never contact you by email.

While associate degree Internal Revenue Service audit is not at all a welcome outcome for any taxpayer, the truth is also less dramatic than most taxpayers imagine. several audits encompass solely a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, asking the taxpayer for verification or correction of specific info. this can be referred to as a correspondence audit. If you’ve created a maths error on your return, you’ll have to be compelled to pay any extra tax you owe. That’s it. Case closed.

But if the Internal Revenue Service has serious questions about your return, you’ll receive an in-person audit.

Either way, any audit could be a serious matter. If you’re audited, take into account consulting a tax skilled professional like TFP.